About Us

Innovart is a company dedicated to providing business solutions through technology developments and communication strategies with the aim of maximizing your business or personal brand. We build web platforms, applications, and online stores. We also offer consulting on business process automation, business intelligence, and predictive analytics, offering you the best business tools to boost your brand.

Professional Business IT Consulting

We have a combined experience of 30 implementing IT solutions to boost business in the domains of retail, wholesale, services, and manufacturing, both by automating the supply chain and building software architectures, and services that allow them to grow and be competitive.

Mobile and Web Development

We use web technologies to create responsive solutions tailored to customer needs. This has allowed us to develop applications for e-commerce, social networks, PWAs, among others, for iOS and Android, easy to use, and powerful on its domain.

Social Events

We carry out social events and make alliances with brands and influencers to expose and promote businesses to a targeted audience. Virtual and non-virtual fairs, presentations, conferences, forums, interviews, participation on radio programs, among other strategies, that we organize to promote businesses. It is ideal to establish a close moment with your target audience, this guarantees loyalty to your brand as well as providing an unforgettable experience. We offer you the best commercial tools to promote your brand.

Brand Development

If something is fundamental is the organization of ideas, that’s why we design the commercial strategy of your brand with the intention of promoting your product or service in the target audience. We develop advertising campaigns to achieve the desired impact by having a wide network of experts to prepare commercial spots in many digital formats, content plans for social networks, as well as the creation and maintenance of web sites.

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About Us
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